Setting up the finale of the Georgia State-Georgia Southern rivalry series


Georgia State has nearly an insurmountable lead in its inaugural all-sports competition with Georgia Southern.

The Panthers lead the Eagles 12-6 after picking up points in women’s cross country, men’s soccer (regular season and Sun Belt tournament wins), football (two points), women’s indoor track and field, women’s tennis, men’s tennis, men’s golf and softball.

The Eagles took points in women’s golf, volleyball, women’s soccer and community service.

The team’s split the four points (one for each game) that could be accumulated in men’s basketball and women’s basketball.

Here are the remaining chances for either team to accumulate either the minimum of three or maximum of nine points remaining:

There is a three-game regular-season series between the two teams in baseball that is scheduled to start May 19 in Statesboro. The series winner will earn a point in the competition. The Eagles are 29-19, 14-13, and the Panthers are 23-25, 9-15.

The conference track and field championships are this weekend in Lafayette, La. Georgia State is considered to have the better team. The team that finishes higher will earn one point.

The softball conference championship tournament starts Wednesday in Mobile, Ala. The teams had identical records (30-26, 13-11) this season, but the Panthers are the fourth seed and the Eagles the fifth. They could face each other in the second round, which be worth a point. If one of them were to come out of the loser’s bracket and they were to eventually face each other in the championship game, it would be worth two more points for a maximum of three. A team can only earn a point if it defeats the other head to head in the tournament. Going deeper in the tournament isn’t worth a point.

The same scenario could occur in baseball for a maximum of three more points. The problem for the Eagles is the Panthers have yet to secure a spot in the field. Failing to do so could cost Southern a chance to earn 1-3 points.

Lastly, the athletic department that finishes the academic year with the higher GPA earns another point.

The winner of the series will be awarded the trophy at halftime of next year’s football game, Nov. 19 at the Georgia Dome.

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