Take a tour of the new Georgia State practice center


Georgia State’s basketball and volleyball practice complex is complete and ready for use.

The court was constructed in the Aquatic Center next to the GSU Sports Arena.

It includes six baskets, four of which can be raised, two scoreboards, and anchors for volleyball net stanchions.

The project was announced more than a year ago after Georgia State’s two-game run in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The total cost came in slightly less than its $1 million budget.

The building remained vacant and unused for more than 20 years before its conversion. Because it had fallen into disrepair, the project took slightly longer to complete than originally estimated. There were numerous leaks in the roof that needed to be repaired before the court was installed.

However, the biggest issue was the filling in of the pool that is now under the court.

This is how it was filled: At the very bottom is rock. Concrete was poured over the rock. Foam blocks were put over the concrete with small gaps in areas to allow it to breath.

Plastic sheeting was put over the foam blocks.  Six inches of concrete was poured over the blocks, which got the surface to the level of the pool deck. Because of the drains around the pool deck, more concrete was poured to make the floor level.

Over the top of that is more plastic, plywood, foam and the court, which you can see in the very last photo.

Senior Associate Athletics Director Doug Justice, who helped run the project, said his biggest worry is the potential of leaking pipes and more leaks in the roof, which could mess up the paint, the polyurethane on the court and the wood.

Justice said he isn’t worried about any condensation underneath the court because the pool was mostly dry.

Justice said the greatest excitement is the re-use of a space that wasn’t being used.

The building can be used for more than just basketball and volleyball. The strength and conditioning coaches can use the space to work out the athletes in various sports.



There will be more signage and graphics installed around the court.



The Panther head logo will also be put on the floor of the GSU Sports Arena.



Cathy Henson and Patty Ferrer donated part of the money to help construct the new practice ccomplex.







The previous scoreboards used in the GSU Sports Arena were re-purposed for use in the new practice center.



This isn’t photoshopped. There is a wall between the court and the old diving pool. The old swimming pool extended from the near the free-throw lane on the other side of the court to the baseline pictured above. The next part of the project will be filling in the diving pool so that the space can be used for something that hasn’t been determined.



This is taken from a doorway just off the court. You can see some of the levels underneath the court that were filled in or constructed so that the basketball court could be laid down. There are a few last-minute things that need to be done, including the doorjams.


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