Inside the numbers on Georgia State hoops


Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully, amid your Signing Day bookmarks, you read my story on problems that Georgia State’s men’s basketball team is having developing a transition game.

If not, click here and give it a read ahead of tonight’s game against Texas State at the GSU Sports Arena.

Here are a few more graphics for you to look at that compare Georgia State’s first five games in the Sun Belt, in which they were 4-1, with their last five games in the Sun Belt, in which they were 1-4.



As you can see, while a few of the players who receive regular minutes have seen their scoring increase, it doesn’t offset the decrease in scoring from Jeremy Hollowell, Isaiah Williams and Jeff Thomas.

There is one commonality to each of those players that I just realized: none played last season. I wonder if they have started to run out of energy a bit and are searching for their second legs.

That’s not a knock at their conditioning or the work done by the strength and conditioning coaches. It’s simply a fact that after missing a year in anything it can take a while to get back into a comfort level both physically and mentally.

Anyway, I’d love to hear your theories on what you think is affecting the team.


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