Nick Arbuckle’s quotes after Georgia State’s win over Georgia Southern


Here are some of Georgia State quarterback Nick Arbuckle’s quotes after the Panthers’ 34-7 win over Georgia Southern on Saturday in Statesboro:

“It’s just an amazing feeling. Seeing those guys celebrate in the locker room and just how happy everbody is and you get that feeling that all that work, all those hours didn’t go in vain. You really accomplished something in the end. To beat a rival like this, the first Georgia State football team in this rivalry that will probably go on for the next century, to win, that’s a big thing. People will look back decades now as the first bowl team, the first team to win in this rivalry and to win like this is amazing.”

On the wide receivers:

“There’s absolutely no selfishness with those guys. It’s amazing. A lot of times you get really good receivers and they all want the ball all the time. They understand, they know and they are so close together. They are such amazing friends they know that (defenses) can’t cover everybody.

“Every game, it’s going to be somebody’s day.”

“They understand that if they are the guy getting double-covered, they are looking forward to seeing the stats of the other guys.”

On his success running the ball:

“They were doing a good job of firing off the ball in a pass rush. But when you do that, our offensive line was doing a good job of continuing to take them and make them take a wide loop around me, giving me room to step up in the pocket. Their linebackers were so concerned with our receivers that they were turning their back to me. There was usually nobody in that area for me. I’m not the fastest, but if you give me 20 yards of green grass I might be able to get 10.”

On Kyler Neal and the running backs:

“It’s really amazing because it keeps them all so fresh. It’s an amazing job what Kyler (Neal) has done at the end of this season. He was doing really well, consistently starting week after week.

“He was fighting uphill battles when he came back. He did such an amazing job making sure he stays prepared, even with the split reps in practice. He’s mentally prepared and physically ready whenever they call his number.

“When we did late in the game, he did an incredible job.”

The coaching staff really helped the team turnaround during that bye week we had in midseason. Even though we had close losses at Arkansas State and to Louisiana-Lafayette, we were there and noticeably a better team than we were in the first half of the season.”



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