Joe Peterson’s quotes after Georgia State’s win over Georgia Southern


Georgia State linebacker Joseph Peterson has been a part of a lot of losses during his four-year career.

So Saturday’s 34-7 win over Georgia Southern at Paulson Stadium was that much sweeter for the team leader. The defense held the Eagles to a season-low 135 rushing yards.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Words can’t explain at all the feeling. I’m just really proud of the coaches and the guys for continuing to fight. I know that in the middle of the season we weren’t doing too good, we lost a couple of close games.

“I’m just so happy that these guys get a chance to win and I’m happy for the program.”

“I came out telling the guys that they weren’t going to get anything. I wasn’t planning on giving anything running to my side. I had Kaleb Ringer, Alonzo (McGee), Bobby (Baker) and Tarris (Batiste) had my back. My big boys up front did a great job tonight. We really worked.

“We told them that we weren’t going to let them get anything. We kind of gave them stuff with a couple of penalties on that drive. But we continued to lock back in and did our drive.”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as we are going bowling. I’m just ready to go to a bowl. I’m ready to celebrate with my guys on the bus on the way home back to Atlanta.”

“It was a big win today. The young guys have seen how we have changed it and they finally understand that the way to win is through preparation. Coach has been doing a great job.

“When we continue to focus, we execute on Saturdays.”

Now, does the beard come off?

“It might. That’s a big win. We might have to talk about it.”

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