Donovan Harden’s quotes after Georgia State’s win over Georgia Southern


Donovan Harden had three catches for 60 yards in Georgia State’s 34-7 win over Georgia Southern on Saturday in Statesboro.

Now, the Panthers (6-6) will wait to see if they will play in a bowl in Orlando or in Arizona.

Here’s what Harden had to say on Saturday:

“All I can thank is God. It’s just a blessing to be out there.

“Starting last year, a lot of people didn’t believe in us but we just kept in the grind, kept waking up early and kept at it. Look at us, we are going bowling.

“I’m just so proud of my team.”

“Second half. Once we got our personal fouls and our jibber-jabber out of the way I knew it was time to play football. Second half I knew we had it. I knew before we even started the second half it was our’s.”

On the difference between the second half and the first half:

“We just channeled our emotions. Instead of channeling them toward talking we channeled it toward our execution and focus. That’s what helped us a lot.”

On the impact on the future of the program:

“You have a Georgia Southern recruit right behind you who came over to the good side. I don’t even know what to say. I’m at a loss for words. I’m sorry.”

“I’d like to go to Arizona so maybe my family can catch the game. Orlando’s not a bad thing. Either one, I’m happy for us.”

On if last year’s game was motivation:

“Yes. I remember the feeling and the taste we had in our mouth last year. I asked them not to let me down and to keep fighting and to send me out the right way. That’s exactly what we did. They came every day. They fought for me. They fought for the seniors: Joe P. Nick Arbuckle. Every senior in there. They fought for us and got it done.”

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