Video: Georgia State’s Ron Hunter talks about beating IUPUI

It was a pretty good day for Georgia State’s sports teams on Friday.

The Panthers football team defeated Troy 31-21 to start the day and the men’s basketball team defeated IUPUI 78-72 in overtime to cap the night.

In the above video, men’s basketball coach Ron Hunter talks about the win and his team improving to 3-1.

One of the great things about getting to cover Hunter is you never know what he’s going to say in the post-game press conferences.

Friday was no different.

I didn’t shoot video of it, but you will be able to see on Georgia State’s site Hunter calling out “bloggers” and others who are down on his team. I have no idea — neither did other’s when asked — who Hunter was referring to, but he seemed pretty peeved.

He looked right into the camera and said, “Watch what happens with this team. We have a really, really good team. When they figure it out you will jump right back on the bandwagon again.”

He was also aggravated that his team was “blasted” by Ole Miss in rebounding. I think he was referring to me with that one. He said they only worry about offensive rebounds allowed. The Rebels had 10. The Panthers lost by nine.


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