Review/Preview with Georgia State DC Jesse Minter

Georgia State defensive coordinator Jesse Minter. (AJC)

Georgia State defensive coordinator Jesse Minter. (AJC)

Georgia State defensive coordinator Jesse Minter reviews last week’s 41-19 win over Texas State and previews this week’s game against South Alabama at the Georgia Dome

Q: What worked well?

A: I thought we were a little sluggish at the start of the game. We had a few guys not feeling well. I was really proud of the way we battled back after we didn’t get off to a great start.

One thing we did do in the first quarters was take advantage of getting off the field on third downs. We forced them into kicking three different field goals, missed one, made two.

In a game that could have had the look of a shootout early, us forcing field goals kept our confidence up.

To be honest, the second and third quarters was the best we’ve played since I’ve been here.

They didn’t get anything going until the last drive of the game.

The Bobcats totaled six points 119 yards in the second and third quarters.

Q: Why were you playing the best in the second and third quarters?

A: They threw a couple of new plays at us. Coach Samuel did a good job with the d-line, making a couple of tweaks to fitting up a couple of plays.

We came back and played faster and communicated well.

Coach Fran does a great job of throwing a lot of different things at you.

Guys played disciplined and did their job.

Q: Can you see a difference in the confidence of the players in these past few games?

A: Certainly. We were talking about this on the way over: Chandon (Sullivan) got a PI (pass interference) call. Early in the year if he got a PI call it was a little helter-skelter, a little panic, and I thought he went to the ref and said ‘that was on me’ and came back and made a bunch of plays after that. Guys are just playing in the moment and not worried too much about everything else that’s going on.

I think the confidence is growing as individuals and as a group as well.

Q: This is an interesting team that you are playing, South Alabama. They do some unique things on offense.

A: They had to really re-load their offense. They had the most experienced offense in the conference last year with seniors and that deal. They went out and not only get the O.C. from UAB but they got a bunch of their players as well.

They do a good job. They are really balanced. Like most teams in this league they want to run the ball and be balanced. They have some matchup problems with their tight end, No. 12, he’s an exceptional player.

They do a nice job of challenging you schematically in the run and the pass. Just another game where we have to trust each other and do our job.

The Jags are averaging 27.3 points, 164.8 rushing yards and 228.4 passing yards per game. Gerald Everett is No. 12 and he leads the team with 35 receptions for 498 yards and eight touchdowns.

Q: In three of these past four games, you have played better than you ever have. Which position group have you see the most development during that stretch?

A: I don’t’ know if I can put it on one. I think it’s come along with our corners palyig a lot and with a lot more confidence as individuals.

We haven’t given up a lot of explosive passes over that stretch. That group and I think that everybody feeds off that. When they aren’t able to get chunk plays…I think our d-line has played better, our linebackers have played better and our safeties have been pretty consistent for the most part.

I think it started with those guys gaining confidence, particularly being young guys both Jerome and Chandon, and it’s grown with those guys.



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