Review/Preview with Georgia State OC Jeff Jagodzinski

Georgia State offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski. (Georgia State)

Georgia State offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski. (Georgia State)

Georgia State offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski reviews last week’s win at Texas State and previews this week game against South Alabama:

Q: Changing my usual first question, was there anything that didn’t work well against Texas State last week?

A: Those are fun types of games, aren’t they? We haven’t had one of those. Guys were making plays all over the place. Nick was throwing the ball well. The line was blocking well.

It was one of those games where everything went in our direction.

The Panthers set school records for passing yards (471) and total yards (643).

Q: Did you have an inkling that this was coming?

A: No. We knew that they were in the same position as they were as far as record. It was a game that both had to win. We told our guys that whoever grabs momentum first was going to win the game. We did that and started that and kept rolling.

The Panthers grabbed a 14-6 lead in the first quarter.

Q: As you started to see what was working, did you change the game plan because everything was going well?

A: We didn’t change the game plan, we were just executing the offense.

One of the things that they started doing was dropping eight defenders, which means they only have three or five in the box, which is how we were able to start running the ball.

They ended up dropping eight in the second half, into a coverage we haven’t seen, and we still went over the top on that first play, which I think was disheartening for them.

Our guys really played well.

Arbuckle hit Robert Davis for a 48-yard gain on the first play of the second half.

Q: South Alabama, what do they do well?

A: They are in a position where they have to win this game too. I think they have five wins are trying to get to bowl eligibility. It’s a big game for them. I’m sure they will give it everything they have.

One of the things is they have been beaten by Texas State. You have to be able to show up and execute your offense, just like we did last week.

Q: What do they do on defense?

A: Really similar to what Texas State as far as schematically, as far as their front.

They pressure a little bit more than what Texas State did. We will prepare for that.

The Jags have just nine sacks this season.

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