Review/Preview with Georgia State’s Jesse Minter

Georgia State defensive coordinator Jesse Minter. (AJC)

Georgia State defensive coordinator Jesse Minter. (AJC)

Georgia State defensive coordinator Jesse Minter review’s last week’s 23-21 loss to Louisiana-Lafayette and previews this week’s game at Texas State:


What worked well against Louisiana-Lafayette?

We got off to a slower start than I would have liked. They scored on their first two possessions. A little bit of it was, the two inside linebackers, it took them a few plays to get comfortable in there. We had new two starters.

After that we fit up the run well and kept everything in front of us and I think with the exception of one pass, didn’t give up any really long passes.

Guys on the outside did a great job against Robinson and inside did a good job on 15 (McGuire), knew where he was, kept him in check, kept him from getting going too much.

Overall, guys played really hard. We had our least amount of loafs, our least amount missed tackles and our least amount of mental errors than we’ve had in any game this year.

It showed up in the way we played.

The Panthers held the Cajuns to 307 yards and McGuire to just 73. Robinson had three catches for 33 yards.

The two inside linebackers, Ed Curney and Kaleb Ringer, they played the most.

Kaleb played the entire game. We had him for a lot of tackles and he did a really nice job on McGuire, running him down in space. He really used his athleticism well. I’m really excited about the way he played. He’s gotten more and more comfortable each game. He was frustrated that we had gone back to Trey (Payne) a little bit. I think it was a great opportunity for him to step back in there, make a bunch of plays and be the type of player we thought he could be.

Ringer tied Bobby Baker for the team lead in tackles (10). He also had a tackle for loss.

How did Curney do?

Curney did well. Just the style of running game they had, he didn’t have as many run plays coming his way as Kaleb did, but there were no glaring errors. He made some nice plays. Chase Middleton went in for a few plays. He made a couple of nice plays. Niemus Bryant made a couple of nice plays. It was good to keep bringing those young guys along.

Curney had four tackles. Neither Middleton nor Bryant were credited with a tackle.

What does Texas State do well?

They are balanced. Close to 200 yards a game rushing, close to 220 yards passing. Like a lot of these teams they are very balanced. The quarterback can run the ball. They have a great tailback.

They had some injuries, but they have a lot of playmakers. Coach Fran does a great job putting you in a lot run/pass conflicts with the style of offense that they run.

We have to show up and hopefully keep improving and keep doing things the right way and hopefully have a good performance.

The Bobcats are averaging 30 points and 416 yards per game. They are rushing for 194.9 and passing for 221.2. Quarterback Tyler Jones completes 58.9 percent of his passes with nine touchdowns and six interceptions. He also averages 58.4 rushing yards per game. C.J. Best is his favorite receiver with 34 receptions for 328 yards.

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