Review/Preview with Georgia State’s Jeff Jagodzinski

Georgia State offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski. (Georgia State)

Georgia State offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski. (Georgia State)

Georgia State offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski reviews the loss to Louisiana-Lafayette and previews Saturday’s game at Texas State:

What went well against Louisiana-Lafayette?

I thought we threw the ball, again, really, really well. We continue throwing the ball well.

Guys are making a lot of plays.

(Keith) Rucker was making a lot; he was having a really good game before he strained his hamstring.

Donovan (Harden), all of them, Robert played well. Penny played well again, made some big catches. Glenn made a big catch in the red zone.

We continue making plays on the perimeter.

Georgia State passed for 312 yards and three touchdowns in the game. Rucker had six catches for 51 yards. Hart had five for 97. He leads the Sun Belt in receiving yards per game (92.3) and ranks second in receptions per game (5.8). Harden had five for 72. Davis had four for 86. His catch along the sidelines was described by position coach Tim Lappano as one of the best he’s ever seen from a college player.

Demarcus Kirk looks like he is getting more and more comfortable in the offense.

He ran pretty hard.

We continue to think he’s going to get better and better as he goes on.

Glenn does too. Glenn gives a dimension of speed that we don’t have.

Kirk had 14 carries for 85 yards. Smith had 10 for six. The Panthers had difficulty getting to the corners, which is where Smith had a lot of success the week before.

That final drive, you got the ball back, and couldn’t move it. What happened on those plays?

We just didn’t execute.

We just didn’t execute.

We just didn’t execute.

We ran the same plays during the game and they were fine.

We didn’t execute good enough at the end to go win the game.

It was two incompletions, followed by a 16-yard completion to Harden, followed by an incompletion and then an interception. Quarterback Nick Arbuckle said he didn’t get his feet set correctly on the throw. He was about to throw one receiver when he changed his mind and tried to throw to the other.

So they were open?

The coverage was tight and the protection was OK. You have to give him time.

What does Texas State do well?

They play a real similar defense to what we just saw as far as three-down front, but they use four-down personnel. So, they do a good job with their front. They are pretty stout against the run.

The rest of the way in I think the teams are going to really evenly matched.

The Bobcats’ defense is giving up averages of 41.6 points and 549.4 yards per game. They are giving up 285.5 rushing yards and 263.9 passing yards per game. In the odd fact of the year, they don’t have an interception.

Ari got a few snaps on Saturday at tight end. How did he do?

He did fine. We had a chance to hit him for a touchdown down the middle of the defense and ended up throwing it a little bit short.

Werts, a freshman, may get more chances this week because of Rucker’s hamstring.

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