Q&A with Georgia State’s Jeremy Hollowell

Yes, Ron Hunter is able to stand up and move around again after tearing his Achilles tendon while celebrating the Sun Belt tournament championship. (Curtis Compton / AJC)

(Curtis Compton / AJC)

Jeremy  Hollowell will offer Georgia State something it hasn’t had in its big man since coach Ron Hunter arrived: a face-up threat.

Eric Buckner, James Vincent and Curtis Washington usually played with their backs to the basket on offense. Hollowell, who transferred to Georgia State, from Indiana, can do both.

At 6-foot-8, Hollowell isn’t as tall as the three centers mentioned above, but what he may not be able to defensively he can make up for with his offense.

“What I’ve tried to have since Jihad Ali is a four that can stretch out a play and score,” Hunter said. “Markus was doing a great job for us, but Markus isn’t an offensive player. Now I have an offensive player at 2, 3, 4 and may be 5.”

Here is a Q&A with Hollowell:

Q: How does it feel finally being able to play after sitting out a year?

A: It’s bittersweet. I’m really excited, really hungry to get back out there.

Q: What did you learn watching the Sun Belt last year?

A: Coming from the Big 10, it was a big conference. People kind of look at it like coming down, but it’s still a really competitive conference. We definitely have a target on our back. We have to bring it every night, set the pace and come out hungry.

Q: What did you learn about this team?

A: We have a new team. Last year’s team really came along toward the end and put it all together in practice sessions, going harder and competing against each other.. That’s what we are definitely doing this year, competing, trying to get the young guys up, get them ready to play.

Q: Ron Hunter described you as a stretch 4 that would likely be a small forward in another conference. Describe your game.

A: My strengths are versatility, playing inside and out. I really want to work on my ball-handling and attacking the rim. Really, I just want to do all the little things for this team.

Q: How is your post game?

A: My post game is pretty good. I like the jump hook over the left shoulder, the jab step, the pull up. I try to mix it up a lot, take it however the defense plays me.

Q: And your free-throw shooting?

A: Got to be good. With coach Hunter, it has to be.

Q: Who are some of the guys that have impressed you so far?

A: Isaiah Dennis and our freshman Malik Benlevi, he’s a really good athlete. He’s been playing hard in practice. He’s been working on his outside shot. The whole team’s been working in practice. I think we are ready to go.

Q: Who is the hardest guy to defend?

A: Probably Me.

Q: HA! Who is the hardest guy you have tried to defend?

A: Probably Isaiah Dennis. He’s really fast and he’s really explosive. He can jump. He attacks the rim. You have to box him out because he will come and try to get a tip-dunk every time. He’s a phenomenal athlete.

Q: Who is the hardest guy to try to beat out here?

A: Probably Kevin ware. He has some long arms and is a really good defender, especially playing at Louisville. He’s quick too.

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