Review/Preview with Georgia State OC Jeff Jagodzinski

Georgia State

Georgia State

Georgia State offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski reviews last week’s win over Ball State and reviews next week’s game at Arkansas State.

My thoughts/facts are in italics.

What was the good in the win against Ball State?

We won the game.

It’s simple. You can throw the stats out; you can throw everything out as long as you are winning the game. I don’t care if you are looking good, looking bad. There’s no bad wins.

That was the best out of everything.

For the record, Georgia State passed for 412 yards and a touchdown, and rushed for 33 yards and three touchdowns. They had one turnover, a fumble, and allowed one sack.

What went into thinking on that long pass to Donovan (Harden) near the end of the game?

Facing second and 9 at the 31-yard line with less than three minutes left, Nick Arbuckle hit Harden for a 68-yard reception. Arbuckle scored two plays later.

These guys were playing up tight and we had a play with a slant and go. The corner took the bait, came up and we got behind him. We went max protection, it was a great throw and a great catch.

We hit another one today in the two-minute drill with Donovan. It was sweet.

Nothing’s changed. We didn’t’ change scheme. We didn’t change plays. We just executed better.

What does Arkansas State do well?


Did you watch them on TV last night? They are really aggressive, really well coached and they are fast. They have some big guys up front to hold the point and some linebackers to run you down. They play man coverage and lock you up. That puts an extra guy in the box and you have to try to win outside.

The Red Wolves are allowing averages of 31.3 points and 391.4 yards per game. They are allowing 158 rushing yards and 233.4 passing yards.

That’s good for yall if the strength is on the perimeter.

They did that against Southern Cal, too. They have a lot of confidence that they are going to get there on the pass rush. They lock those guys down and are really good at it.

The Red Wolves have 16 sacks and are allowing 11.8 yards per catch. They have 15 interceptions, with Rocky Hayes and Cody Brown leading with three each. Opponents are completing less than 50 percent of their passes against them.

Arbuckle is completing 64.7 percent of his passes and has thrown 10 touchdowns against six interceptions.

If you want to get into a fade contest, that’s not the way to live. It’s always a 50/50 ball.

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