Review/Preview with Georgia State OC Jeff Jagodzinski

Georgia State will face Ball State on Saturday. (Georgia State)

Georgia State will face Ball State on Saturday. (Georgia State)

Georgia State offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski reviews last week’s 37-3 loss to Appalachian State, and previews this week’s game at Ball State:

Reviewing Appalachian State, what worked well and what didn’t work well?

I mentioned this to you last week that Appalachian State was a really good defense. They had a lot of guys coming back. They really do a good job with their scheme, I mean a really good job with their scheme.

They played well. We didn’t play good enough.

Was them playing well what led to yall not playing well enough?

When you have a really good football team coming in you have to match that. Yo uhave to match everything. You can’t be short on any area.

How did not having tight ends Keith Rucker and Joel Ruiz affect the game-planning and play-calling?

When you are down people and we are down some running backs we are down some etight ends, it limits you on the types of packages that you can use. if yo udn’t have the personnel you can’t be in that grouping. Losing joel and keith, we lost a lot of production.

I assume not having them also affects the running game?

Yes. It’s not plays. It’s players. We have to do a good job of executing. Try to put them in the best position possible to succeed and we have to go and execute the game plan and do it the way you practice it.

Tell folks about Aaron Winchester. He’s next man up should Nick Arbuckle leave the game, though I can’t remember him ever leaving a game.

I either. Aaron’s a really athletic guy. He’s undersized now because he’s a young kid. But we had him in our offweek scrimmage and he did really well. He’s very athletic. He throws a ball that has a lot of velocity on it. We’re pleased with what he looks like.

He’s not ready. He’s just a true freshman. A year ago he was going to homecoming. But we think he’s going to be a good player.

Ball State, what do they do on defense?

Ball State is similar to what we’ve seen the last couple of weeks. People don’t do a lot of different things. You’re either a four-man front or a three man front. Going to play one high safety or two high safeties and then variations of that.

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