Review/Preview with Georgia State OC Jeff Jagodzinski

Georgia State scored 33 points in slightly more than 16 minutes in last week's loss to Liberty. (Georgia State)

Georgia State scored 33 points in slightly more than 16 minutes in last week’s loss to Liberty. (Georgia State)

Georgia State offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski reviews last week’s 41-33 loss to Liberty, and previews this week’s game against Appalachian State at the Georgia Dome:

Do you ever remember being involved in a game where you had the ball so little (16:23) and scored so much?

No, I don’t. That was a first for me.

Did that affect what you were trying to do, knowing you weren’t going to get the ball many times?

No. We thought that we had a pretty good bead on what they were doing. We did a lot of double moves on them. We thought our skill guys matched up really well their guys on the back end. That was the reason that we were able to get the ball over the top. We missed two – we had a post route and a corner route that we missed – that were really close to being completed, also.

Nick did a good job all of last week throwing the ball really accurately long. It showed in the games.

Other than a couple of tipped passes (against Oregon), Nick’s having a really solid season.

Yep, I think he’s fifth in the country in throwing the football (345.8 passing yards per game). That’s with having some things, tipped passes or some just out of reach, so he could be even better than that, yardage wise.

Appalachian has the best scoring defense in the Sun Belt (13.5 points per game). What do they do well?

They are really a good defensive football team. They had nine starters coming back from last year. They ended up starting the year off kind of slow. And then they ended up ripping off the last six, seven games. They carried that momentum to this season. They play with a lot of energy, a lot of energy. It looks like they have fun playing when you watch them on film.

Are they complicated?

No. They are a lot like Oregon was, schematically. They do a really good job with utilizing their personnel against the offense they are facing.

When that game against Liberty was done and you were looking at the scoresheet, were your surprised to see 16 minutes?

I didn’t look at the scoresheet. I knew what the scoreboard said at the end of the game and that’s all that really matters. All the other stuff really doesn’t matter.

How did wide receiver Donovan Harden grade out in his return?

He did well. It was really good to see him having success on that first catch of the season for him. You can see what we were missing, that big play possibility. He had a chance to hit another but he caught from behind because he had to give a guy a stiff arm. It’s always good to see him out there and contributing and seeing him part of the rotation again.

We had four receivers with catches over 30 yards. That was really a positive deal. To score points you have to get them in chunks like that.


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