Review/Preview with Georgia State DC Jesse Minter

Georgia State's defense gave up more than 500 yards to Liberty last week. (Georgia State)

Georgia State’s defense gave up more than 500 yards to Liberty last week. (Georgia State)

Georgia State defensive coordinator Jesse Minter reviews last week’s 41-33 loss to Liberty, and previews this week’s game against Appalachian State at the Georgia Dome:

It had been a long time since yall faced a pro-style offense. Did that affect anything on Saturday?

A little bit. We don’t see it much in practice. We go through all spring and all fall and see some two-back type of fits for the first time. I thought we were prepared for it and just didn’t play up to standard.

Coaches will say there’s nothing like game speed compared to practice speed, did that also contribute to…

A little. Anytime you come off a bye week and then play, not that their anything crazy but a different style of offense than what you’ve seen, it takes a little bit to get up to speed. Certainly, we just didn’t play well enough to win the game.

Was there a consistency in the mistakes?

We missed more tackles than we’d missed in any game up to that point through the first four games. Tackling, which is always a concern coming off of a bye week, so we missed some tackles. We misfit a couple of plays. We almost overran a lot of plays. The quarterback cut back on us on the option. The guy we wanted carrying the ball, we all overran it and he pops one for about 40 yards.

And then we couldn’t get off the field on third and long. Man coverage, zone coverage, pressure, they won every, what you would consider 50/50 balls at best. They won every one of those situations. We have to do a better job.

The overrunning on the running plays, was that something you were seeing from previous games or was this isolated to this game?

A little more isolated to this game for the style of plays they we were running. We overran bubble screens. We overran some option plays. You go into playing a team like that maybe not expecting so many perimeter plays. The ones we did see we did not play well.

Now you face a team that runs the ball really, really well, second-best in the Sun Belt. I assume the fitting the gaps and not overpursuing are the first two things that must be sharpened in practice this week.

We have to play with an edge. We have to play with a little bit more of an attitude. Guys have to trust each other and be where they are supposed to be and do their job.

Sometimes what happens is one time a guy makes a mistake and so the next time a guy that was supposed to do his job is trying to overcome the mistake and maybe he plays it right after you get it fixed.

Guys have to trust each other . We have to do a much better job coming out and try to win this game.

How do they run ball so well?

They run outside plays. They are a big stretch team so their offensive line is really athletic. They mix in some two-back type sets. They mix in some option. They want to get the ball to those guys. They are a good outside runners, good downhill runners. Fourteen and 20 both. The quarterback does a good job of getting them in the right play and distributing the ball. We have to play with great discipline and do our job.

What happened last year in Boone?

I don’t like to spend a lot of time thinking about last year. But as a team we weren’t ready to play and it showed from first snap to last.

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