Review/Preview with Georgia State’s Jeff Jagodzinski

Georgia State celebrates a touchdown in Friday's loss to Charlotte. PHOTO / JASON GETZ

Georgia State celebrates a touchdown in Friday’s loss to Charlotte. PHOTO / JASON GETZ

Georgia State offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski reviews the loss to Charlotte and previews Saturday’s game at New Mexico State.

Here’s the R/P with defensive coordinator Jesse Minter

After reviewing the film, what was going wrong in the first quarter and what improved in the rest of the game?

The thing is, when you turn the ball over and I don’t care if you are playing CYO football, youth league football, when you turn the ball over three times in the first quarter, that’s hard to overcome. I don’t care where you are playing, who you are playing, it’s hard to overcome.

The thing is, we got five turnovers so we ended up plus-2 for the day. If they hadn’t turned the ball over so many times I don’t think it would have been closer.

We didn’t have a lot of turnovers in our scrimmages. I don’t think we had any. We had no fumbles. I don’t think we had any interceptions in the two scrimmages that we had. Even dating back to our spring ball. That was very uncharacteristic. That was the last thing that I thought would happen.

Was there a consistency to the turnovers? What got better?

No turnovers help. What happens is you get out of your rhythm. One of the things that we wanted to do was win first down. We wanted to put ourselves in too many third down and long situations, which is hard to overcome. The farther it goes on third down, the harder it is to get. You’d like to see third down and four or six, which is manageable so you can go ahead and make some plays.

What were the issues with the running game? Was it just following behind 13-0?

We had to abandon it because we got behind. That was the last thing we wanted to do. We wanted to stay more balanced. One of our goals is to run the ball and has been since last year. I think we ran the ball 26 times, 29 times. That’s not enough. And you have to force it sometimes. Sometimes you are getting 1 or 2 yards, 1 or 2 yards and you just keep grinding it and pounding an d you’ll eventually start getting 4 or 5 and wearing them down.

That’s one of the things that we have to do.

What does New Mexico State do well?

Doug Martin is the godfather of one of my kids. We go back a long way, we go back to 1990. Doug is a really good football coach. They are struggling a little bit. But he did it at Kent State and he turned that thing around. Doug is a really good football coach.

It’s hard to get a gear of them because they played Florida. Just the disparity of the talent is so different. But they are well-coached. They don’t do a lot, but what they do defensively is they want to be consistent. They want to make sure that guys are in the right places. That was one of the things we noticed on film. They aren’t putting them in positions to not succeed.



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