Less than a minute with Georgia State’s Larry Knight

In less than 60 seconds, here’s Georgia State’s Larry Knight giving you the information on his position group, the outside linebackers:

What makes a good pass rusher?

Effort, first and foremost. You’ve got to have the will to the quarterback. Obviously technique is important, but if you have the effort and want and desire to get there, that’s one half of the battle.

Who is showing that to you out there?

All the guys are improving. Michael Shaw is showing it. Mr. No. 99, Melvin King, is getting better every day. Malik (Ricks) is getting better as well. Nate (Paxton), I call him coach Nate, he does a good job with his technique when he gets in. These guys are improving on a daily basis.

The team didn’t have a lot of sacks last year (12). It didn’t have a lot of sacks the year before. How can the outside linebackers improve that total and help the defense?

Just doing more technique work and trying to get these guys to focus their eyes. A lot of these guys have bad eyes on their pass-rushing, staring at the quarterback instead of focusing on the man that’s in front of them. That’s one of the habits I’ve been trying to instill is to do a good job with your eyes and your hands and using them together in order to improve. As we continue to improve, hopefully we will see an increase in statistical categories as well.

Who is the best pass rusher you’ve ever seen?

Right now, it’s J.J., my old teammate. But I’ll have to go with Mr. Original, that old Reggie White. he was unbelievable. He invented moves that to this day we still use so I have to give the crown right now.


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