Less than a minute with Georgia State’s Eric Lewis

Georgia State assistant coach Eric Lewis. (Georgia State)

Georgia State assistant coach Eric Lewis. (Georgia State)

In less than 60 seconds, here’s Georgia State’s Eric Lewis giving you the information on his position group, the cornerbacks:

How has your group looked during camp?

Good. They’ve been working really hard over the summer and starting to come together as a group. I think we have a decent amount of depth, which helps from a competitive standpoint, pushing each other and everything else.

The defense didn’t get a lot of interceptions last year (three). What is the formula for interceptions?

Really, interceptions and turnovers are a function of the whole team. If you get pressure on the quarterback, they end up throwing the ball to you a little bit more. And you have to make plays. You have to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. It’s not just a DB. It’s not just the linebackers or the d-line. Everyone has to work together to create pressure on the quarterback and create predictable situations. Stop the run early and create rougher situations on third down.

What is a reasonable expectation, in terms of seconds, for a cornerback to cover a wide receiver?

They have to do it for as long as they have to. I can go play in the NFL right now as long as they have Lawrence Taylor rushing.

It varies. You’d like to say the ball has to come out in under three seconds. At least that’s what you tell your front. When you coach the defensive backs they understand that they have to cover as long as necessary. There might be a play where it’s eight seconds. There might be a play where it’s one second.

Who has improved their stock during camp?

Bruce Dukes has done a good job from a leadership standpoint the whole offseason and coming into camp. Chandon Sullivan is now settled in to being a corner exclusively. He’s a very talented player. Jerome has done a really good job and he’s super explosive. B.J. Clay, we feel pretty comfortable putting into the game.

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