Less than a minute with Georgia State’s Tim Lappano

Georgia State wide receiver coach Tim Lappano. (Georgia State)

Georgia State wide receiver coach Tim Lappano. (Georgia State)

In less than 60 seconds, here’s Georgia State’s Tim Lappano giving you the information on his position group, the wide receivers:

How does your position group look so far?

Very scary the first day, for whatever reason. I think they were all hyped and excited. But I wasn’t concerned because these guys are good players. We’ve got a really good room. We have a lot of talent. We have a lot of depth.

Second day they came out and played really well. They’ve kept that up since.

We aren’t dropping many balls at all. We are making plays. Young guys are picking it up. We’re still a little bit not sure about the playbook. This is four installs and it’s probably 70 percent of the offense. They are still swimming a little bit but they have flashed out here and made some brilliant catches.

They are everything we thought they were when we recruited them. They are good football players.

A lot of the guys have talked about the work that Penny Hart did over the summer, that he really stood out. What have you seen from him?

He came from a small school. We knew that when he came here for our summer camp, I knew exactly what we were getting: he’s a good character kid, he’s smart and he competed his butt off. That’s what he’s done since he’s been here from day one. He’s very accountable in the class room. He’s never on any list. He’s a quality guy and he’s a good competitor.

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