Less than a 1 minute with Georgia State’s Jesse Minter

Georgia State defensive coordinator Jesse Minter. (AJC)

Georgia State defensive coordinator Jesse Minter. (AJC)

Here is a new feature I’m going to try out. If you like it, I’ll keep doing it.

It’s called less than a minute with….

Today is Georgia State defensive coordinator Jesse Minter:

Goals for the defense for camp?

Really want to figure out who are top 20, 25 guys are. We had our first meeting and everybody who has played in a Division I game was asked to raise their hand. We had 30-something guys that had played in a Division I game.

We’ve added some guys. Now it’s time to figure out who the guys you can count on are. I think we have to go in figuring out who the 25 guys we can count on are. Last year there were times when we had 14-15. We need to have 25 to play the style we want to play.

Adding in the new faces, getting some of the guys who redshirted last year active and able to play, which position has seen the biggest upgrade compared to last year?

It sounds funny but it’s hard to tell. They’ve all added some critical pieces. When I look at the defensive line and just where we are at numbers-wise in certain games I feel like we are adding four … we’ve got all those guys, a couple of guys were hurt last year a little bit … we really added four quality pieces. One of them is a freshman (Marterious Allen) but I feel like physically he’s probably farther along than some guys. Mackendy (Cheridor), Julien (Laurent) and DeQueszman (Kelley), I really feel like those guys are physically ready to help us at this level.

Linebacker, you could potentially look out there in the first game and have three new starters.

In the back end, Chandon Sullivan is a guy we’ve moved around a lot. I think he’s going to settle in at a corner position. Jerome Smith is a guy who is coming along. Bruce Dukes is the steady hand back there.

At safety, adding in some guys. We ended the year without Bryan Williams, Bobby (Baker) was at UAB. Two out of potentially top three guys are new guys.

I think every position we’ve really upgraded.

It’ll be interesting to see how it shakes out.

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