Georgia State football A to Z: Z is for red zone

Georgia State Panthers wide receiver Robert Davis (19). (Hyosub Shin / AJC)

Georgia State Panthers wide receiver Robert Davis (19). (Hyosub Shin / AJC)

We will wrap up the Georgia State A to Z today.

Today is …

Z is for red zone

Opponents were inside Georgia State’s 20-yard line 68 times last season.

Georgia State was inside its opponent’s 20-yard line 34 times last season.

So, opponents were inside the 20-yard line twice as often as Georgia State.

That’s an amazing stat and naturally explains why the Panthers were outscored by almost 2:1, 520-272.

Of those 68 possessions, opponents scored 48 touchdowns, which is more than the Panthers scored (36) from anywhere on the field all season.

Looking at the scoring overall, things were most bad in the first and third quarters, when coaches have the most time to prepare.

The Panthers were outscored 116-44 in the first quarter and 141-49 in the third quarter.


Georgia State A to Z so far

Y is for yellow flags

X is for X-factor

W is for Wil Lutz

V is for victory

U is for UAB

T is for turnover margin

S is for sacks

R is for Ruiz

Q is for DeQueszman

P is for Peterson

O is for Oregon

N is for nutrition

M is for Trent Miles

L is for long trips

K is for Kelepi Folau

J is for Jeff Jagodzinski

I is for Interceptions

H is for Harden

G is for Glenn Smith (or GPA)

F is for fumbles

E is for (mostly) empty

D is for Davis

C is for Cheridor

B is for backfield

A is for Arbuckle

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