More on the Georgia State sports hall of fame

Will Bill Curry be an inductee into the Georgia State sports hall of fame?

Will Bill Curry be an inductee into the Georgia State sports hall of fame?

Georgia State earlier today announced that it is going to establish a sports hall of fame.

Here is more on the hall of fame, straight from a release issued by the athletics department:

Eligibility criteria

1. The candidate must have completed a minimum of two (2) years as an athlete in good standing
or have been a member of the athletic staff at least five (5) years.
2. A student‐athlete being considered must hold a college degree (not necessarily from Georgia State).
3. The candidate must be a dedicated individual who demonstrates high standards of character
and leadership.
4. The candidate must have proven, undisputed athletic, coaching, administrative or service record
at Georgia State University.
5. The candidate must be an upstanding citizen of their local community and show a record of
intelligent life decisions during and after their college experience.
6. The candidate must have exhausted their eligibility by at least five years to be eligible for
7. The candidate’s athletic achievements as a student at the University or as an alumnus/alumna
must have brought considerable favorable recognition to Georgia State University as well as to
8. If the candidate’s achievements are based on his or her career as a professional, he/she must
have played at least five years as a professional.
9. During the first two years of existence the Hall of Fame will allow up to ten inductions per year.
However, after the third year of existence, and thereafter, the number of inductees will be
limited to five (5) per year.
10. The committee reserves the right to remove a Hall of Fame member whose character and
reputation have been a source of embarrassment to the University. The voting guidelines for
removal from the Hall of Fame are the same as those form selection.


Nominations may be submitted to the Athletic Department at any time by completing the form provided
for that purpose. The nomination forms will be developed by the Athletic Department to be further
approved by the voting committee. Nomination ballots will be reviewed by the Hall of Fame Committee.
Our first year of competitive NCAA activity is understood to be 1963‐64 academic year. However,
unusual situations may be considered.

Selection process

1. The voting members of the Selection Committee have the responsibility to designate candidates
for induction into the Georgia State Athletics Hall of Fame each year. In order for a nominee to be
selected, he/she must receive at least 70% of the Selection Committee membership. All voting
shall be done with secret ballots.
2. The Athletic Department will submit candidate names for consideration to the Selection
Committee along with verifiable documentation for each candidate submitted. This candidate
will be placed in the pool of candidates for the current year’s class. Selection is not guaranteed
and is predicated on the committee’s actions.
3. There will be no set number of candidates to be reviewed annually, but the voting members of
the Hall of Fame Selection Committee will be the final authority on the number of candidates who
will be inducted each year. After the first three years of inductions it is expected that the
committee will hold nominations to less than fifteen per year.
4. If a nominee appears on the voting ballot five consecutive years without attaining any votes, that
person’s name will be removed from further voting ballot consideration. However, after another
five years the nominee may be reconsidered.

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