Georgia State football A to Z: V is for victory

Georgia State Panthers cornerback Bruce Dukes (27) could have a standout year. (Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports)

Georgia State Panthers cornerback Bruce Dukes (27) could have a standout year. (Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports)

Continuing to mix things up, I thought I’d do a look-ahead to Georgia State’s August camp in a different format, A-to-Z:

I’ll continue to post one letter a day on the blog for the next 26 days:

Today is …

V is for victory

Georgia State hasn’t had many of those in the past three years.

In fact, the Panthers and Savannah State are tied for the fewest wins (2) in the past three years for teams in the FBS or FCS levels.

One of Georgia State’s wins came against Rhode Island, which was in the midst of an on-again, off-again scholarship situation that resulted in the Rams using about half of its scholarships available.

Georgia State went 0-12 in 2013, its first year in FBS. It defeated FCS newbie Abilene Christian in last year’s season-opening game.

Some of Georgia State’s issues stem from the roster mess that coach Trent Miles inherited when he took over before the 2013 season.

That team was built for FCS competition. It’s easier for FCS team to rebuild when players lose eligibility because as many as 30 players can sign each year, and scholarships can be split between players. Contrast that with FBS, which can sign 25 players and it’s one scholarship per person.

I can remember looking at Georgia State’s roster in the spring of 2013 and counting twice as many scholarship wide receivers as linebackers. The team didn’t have the necessary depth at crucial positions to compete.

Miles has since gotten the roster almost straightened out in terms of depth and by class so that the team is using its full allotment of scholarships in the best ways.

Now that that task is checked, it’s time to start winning.

The Panthers have several winnable games on the schedule this year: Charlotte, New Mexico State, Liberty and South Alabama. If they can nick another win, they would be trying to bowl eligibility when they play at Georgia Southern in the regular-season finale.

Georgia State A to Z so far

T is for turnover margin

S is for sacks

R is for Ruiz

Q is for DeQueszman

P is for Peterson

O is for Oregon

N is for nutrition

M is for Trent Miles

L is for long trips

K is for Kelepi Folau

J is for Jeff Jagodzinski

I is for Interceptions

H is for Harden

G is for Glenn Smith (or GPA)

F is for fumbles

E is for (mostly) empty

D is for Davis

C is for Cheridor

B is for backfield

A is for Arbuckle

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