Georgia State football A to Z: Q is for DeQueszman

Continuing to mix things up, I thought I’d do a look-ahead to Georgia State’s August camp in a different format, A-to-Z:

I’ll continue to post one letter a day on the blog for the next 26 days:

Today is …

Q is for DeQueszman Kelley

Georgia State’s defensive linemen had one sack and 9 1/2 tackles for loss last year.

Yes, that’s it.

Enter new signees Kelley and 325-pound nose tackle Julien Laurent. The group either needs linemen who can disrupt blocking schemes, or the strength and size to tie up blockers so that the linebackers can make tackles for loss or sacks.

Either way, Kelley (a Coffeville Community College product) and Laurent (from New Mexico Military Institute) should seem capable.

Last year’s group – Shawayne Lawrence, Jalen Lawrence, Tevin Jones and Carnell Hopson are all juniors but still relatively young and still growing and adding strength.

But the question remains: Has that group already reached its potential?

Kelley and Laurent, along with Cheridor, should be given every opportunity to challenge for the starting jobs.

Those stats, and the performances, must improve to increase Georgia State’s chances at winning.

Georgia State A to Z so far

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B is for backfield

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