Georgia State football A to Z: A is for Arbuckle

nick arbuckle, georgia state panthers

Georgia State quarterback Nick Arbuckle. (CURTIS COMPTON / CCOMPTON@AJC.COM)

To mix things up, I thought I’d do a look-ahead to Georgia State’s August camp in a different format, A-to-Z:

I’ll post one letter a day on the blog for the next 26 days:

So, what should we start with? I don’t know, how about …. A?


Arbuckle, Nick.

No surprise there. Georgia State’s fortunes will rise or fall with his brain, arm and leadership. Arbuckle set several school records last year, his first as quarterback:

  • Passing yards (3,283)
  • Touchdown passes (23)
  • Completions (259)
  • Total offense (3,293)
  • Touchdown responsibility (25)

The California native vowed to work on improving his skills during the offseason to reduce his number of turnovers after throwing 17 interceptions last year.

Some of the interceptions were horrible decisions, a few were bad luck and a few were great plays by the opposing team.

Typically, quarterbacks progress the most between their first and second years starting, so it’ll be interesting to see if he improves this year, his second in the offense, and in what areas.

He should be helped by an offensive line that will be deeper than any Georgia State has had. Of course, that depth has been paper thin the past few years.

Arbuckle should also be helped by the stability of the coaching staff and offensive system, which haven’t changed the past two years.

And he should be helped by a running game that should be deeper than any Georgia State has had.

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