Ron Hunter on rules changes, and updates on RJ and schedule

Ron Hunter seems happy at Georgia State. (Turner)

Ron Hunter seems happy at Georgia State. (Turner)

Georgia State’s Ron Hunter didn’t seem too convinced that the rules changes approved by the NCAA on Monday will have a great impact on scoring or reducing the length of men’s college basketball games.

The NCAA approved several changes, among them: reducing the shot clock from 35 seconds to 30 seconds, reducing the number of timeouts from four to three in the second half, and increasing the arc under the basket from 3 feet to 4 feet.

The moves, which have been discussed for several years, were approved because scoring per game decreased by more than three points to 67.74 from the 2013-14 season to 2014-15. Scoring has decreased in four of the past five years.

Here’s Hunter’s take on each of the changes

Shot clock: I don’t think it will be much. The shot clock was more window dressing. To effect change, we needed to go to 24. I don’t think it will speed up the game much at all. But it’s a start. We needed to do something. We will take a look at this and maybe in two years reduce it lower.

Reduction in timeouts: I think that will help speed up the game. Instead of taking a coach’s timeout away, I wish we would have taken a media timeout away.

That part will help speed up the game, especially in the last few minutes. But I think coaches will hold those timeouts until the end.

Change in the arc: We will see without that. I’m conflicted. The hardest play you can make is the block-charge call. At the end of the day, officials need to make the right call. That other foot isn’t going to make a drastic change, but if it helps them make better decisions I’m all for it.

Hunter went on to discuss a few more things:

On the team, which lost R.J. Hunter, Ryan Harrow and Curtis Washington, but returns Markus Crider, T.J. Shipes, Kevin Ware and several other players: “We had our first workout yesterday. Really like this team. Lot of talent there. Hardest adjustment will be how to put this all together. Will be fun, but it will be my toughest job. We have unbelievable pieces.”

Hunter said he is going to let the assistant coaches run most of the summer workouts because he wants to get healthy and he wants to do a lot of observing as he tries to figure out rotations.

On the schedule: “The schedule is done. Hopefully, we will announce something within a week.

“I love playing Conference USA teams so schedule will packed with those teams, and we have some at home. The contracts aren’t signed, though.”

On R.J., his son who is expected to be a first-round pick in the upcoming NBA draft: “R.J. is doing well. He’s home now. He worked out in Charlotte yesterday. He will head off for the Texas swing at end of the week.

R.J. will watch the draft in Atlanta at home. He was invited to go to New York. He declined. He wants to be with family, teammates and friends for a private party.”

Injuries: Crider (ankle) and Isaiah Dennis (knee) should be back soon. Crider, a starter at forward, should return by first of July. Dennis, a potential starter at guard, should return within 10 days.

“Isaiah will be a huge piece for us this year,” Hunter said.

Other players: Ryan Harrow is going to work out for the Phoenix Suns next week and Manny Atkins was invited to Detroit’s summer league team.

A look at college basketball stats from the past few years, courtesy of the NCAA.

A look at college basketball stats from the past few years, courtesy of the NCAA.

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