Breaking down Georgia State’s wide receivers

Georgia State Panthers wide receiver Robert Davis (19). (Hyosub Shin / AJC)

Georgia State Panthers wide receiver Robert Davis (19). (Hyosub Shin / AJC)

Georgia State assistant coach Tim Lappano provided a scouting report of the wide receivers on Friday:

Donovan Harden (5-11, 175). “Has taken off just where he left off, except even better. He’s really savvy route runner, really good ball skills. He doesn’t drop many balls out there. really good player. ”

Harden caught 60 passes for 885 yards and seven touchdowns last season. He has been limited this spring as he recovers from a shoulder injury. He was horse-collared twice last season, which resulted in the injury.

Robert Davis (6-3, 198). “He is coming on. He probably has a better skill set than anybody but he’s not consistent. He has all the talent in the world, he just needs to play more consistently.”

Davis caught 50 passes for 732 yards and two touchdowns last season as a sophomore.

Todd Boyd (5-11, 180): “A really good route runner, good ball skills, good player, good blocker on the perimeter. Is a good football player.”

Boyd caught eight passes for 119 yards and two touchdowns last season as a freshman.

Glenn Smith (6-1, 185): “The same way, he’s getting better. He’s starting to understand the offense and can play inside and outside. Obviously he’s got some explosive speed when he gets the ball. He can take it the distance.”

Smith caught seven passes for 83 yards and a touchdown last season as a freshman.

Nyiakki Height (6-1, 190). “Flashes but is fairly raw right now. We’ve got to get him to become a better route runner. He’s big and fast and physical. He’s good on the perimeter in the run game. He’s got hands. He’s shown the ability to make a tough catch, but he’s also shown an ability to drop a routine ball. We have to get him a little more consistent.”

Height caught 17 passes for 136 yards and a touchdown at UAB last year.

Octavious Andrews (6-0, 180). “Good ball skills, good route runner, needs to get in the weight room and a little more to get a bit more physical. He will be a role player. When someone is tired he will go in and we don’t lose a lot. He’s pretty savvy and he’s done some really good things out there.”

Adam Schechter (5-11, 186). “He’s a try-hard guy. Has to learn how to pay within himself more. He wants to do it so bad.”

Kam Myers (5-8, 175). “Don’t know because he’s hardly been able to do anything. What I saw early when he thought he was ready to go was an explosive kid. He could be a return guy too because he can run. He can play in that slot area. I don’t know if he can get off press, but we will see. He’s a good kid. In meetings, very attentive. Takes notes. It’s important to him. Pretty business-like.”

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