Georgia State’s next opponent: Xavier

Xavier's Remy Abell averages 8.5 points this season for the Musketeers. (AP)

Xavier’s Remy Abell averages 8.5 points this season for the Musketeers. (AP)

Georgia State will play Xavier in the third round of the NCAA tournament at 6:10 p.m. Saturday in Jacksonville. The game will be televised on TNT, or can be heard on 680AM or 93.7FM.

Here’s a little bit about the Musketeers


Record: 22-13

NCAA tournament: In as an at large from the Big East Conference, in which it went 9-9.

NCAA tournament second round: Defeated Ole Miss 76-57.

Impressive wins:

Dec. 31 vs. No. 25 Georgetown, 70-53

Jan. 27 at No. 21 Georgetown, 66-53

Feb. 7 vs. Providence, 78-69

Feb. 18 at Cincinnati, 59-57

Feb. 21 vs. Butler, 73-56

March 12 vs. Butler in Big East tournament, 67-61 OT

March 13 vs. Georgetown in Big East tournament, 65-63


Questionable losses

Nov. 28 vs. UTEP, 77-73

Nov. 30 vs. LBSU, 73-70

Dec. 20 at Auburn, 89-88, 2OT

Jan. 3 at DePaul, 71-68

Jan. 31 at Seton Hall, 90-82


Tournament history

Xavier has advanced to the Sweet 16 six times.

Xavier is in its ninth NCAA tournament in 10 years.


About the team

Xavier led the Big East in field-goal percentage (47.3).

Xavier led the Big East in assists (16.4).

Xavier is 17-3 when it holds opponents to less than 70 points.

Six Musketeers average at least 8.5 points per game.

Xavier is 16-4 in games decided by at least 10 points.

Xavier is 6-9 in games decided by nine points or less.

About the players

Matt Stainbrook, a 6-foot-10 center, leads the Musketeers with 12.2 points and 6.9 rebounds per game.

Trevon Bluiett, a 6-foot-6 forward, is second among Big East freshman with 11.5 points per game.

Dee Davis, a 6-foot guard, is second in the Big East and 12th in the nation in assists (6.1).

Quotes after yesterday’s game

Here are some of the questions asked of Xavier’s players yesterday about Georgia State:

Q. Remy and James, Mississippi had a lot of emotion from that victory and came with a little momentum. Going to get the same thing maybe out of Georgia State. They’re going to come in with a lot of emotion, a lot of momentum. You guys were very, very businesslike out there. In situations like this, do you just worry about yourself, worry about what you do, and kind of put aside what the other team may or may not have done in the previous game?
REMY ABELL: I mean, Coach does a great job of preparing us for the games, and we do a good job of locking in and scouting the other team, so we do a great job of applying that out on the court. But at the end of the day, we worry about what we need to do, and we feel like if we take care of what we have to do on the offensive end and defensive end, then everything will take care of itself.
Q. Were you able to watch the end of the Georgia State game as you were waiting in the tunnel or anything and did you have any impressions of them in that win?
DEE DAVIS: Me personally, I didn’t see the shot. I mean, I kind of heard the crowd go crazy. R.J. Hunter is a good friend of mine. I was telling my teammates through the whole game that he was going to make a shot because he wasn’t shooting well through the game. Me personally, yeah, I mean, I don’t know if anybody else saw the end of the game.

JAMES FARR: I saw it in the locker room. He was pretty far out when he hit it. I mean, he’s known as a shooter, seems like he’s a pretty good shooter. We have more scouting to do on him, but we’ll see him this weekend.

Q. Chris, could you address that thing also where Mississippi had some emotion and some momentum, same thing with Georgia State? What do you do to get these kids to concentrate on what they’ve got to do as opposed to what the team you’re playing might have done?
COACH CHRIS MACK: Yeah, with all due respect to any opponent we’re playing, we cannot worry nor do we about the mindset of the other team. Whether they’re coming off — Ole Miss before the BYU game had lost four of the last five, but it’s irrelevant when we tip it off against them. Georgia State’s outcome against Baylor, great game, terrific shot at the end by an NBA prospect in R.J. Hunter, but at the end of the day, we just have to prepare our guys, and we will as best we can and take the floor ready to play. I think our guys have done a great job, like Remy said, of locking in on the details, understanding the scouting report, being excited to play and playing for one another, and that’s really all we can control.

The team stats

SCORING 2577 2357
   Points per game 73.6 67.3
   Scoring margin +6.3
FIELD GOALS-ATT 911-1926 838-1935
   Field goal pct .473 .433
3 POINT FG-ATT 224-636 248-720
   3-point FG pct .352 .344
   3-pt FG made per game 6.4 7.1
FREE THROWS-ATT 531-734 433-646
   Free throw pct .723 .670
   F-Throws made per game 15.2 12.4
REBOUNDS 1228 1099
   Rebounds per game 35.1 31.4
   Rebounding margin +3.7
ASSISTS 574 458
   Assists per game 16.4 13.1
   Turnovers per game 12.0 12.8
   Turnover margin +0.8
   Assist/turnover ratio 1.4 1.0
STEALS 213 228
   Steals per game 6.1 6.5
BLOCKS 101 130
   Blocks per game 2.9 3.7
ATTENDANCE 159974 161453
   Home games-Avg/Game 16-9998 12-9390
   Neutral site-Avg/Game 7-6967

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