Thoughts after Georgia State’s loss to Wisconsin-Green Bay

Thoughts after Georgia State’s 78-61 loss to Wisconsin-Green Bay on Saturday.

The Panthers (7-4) had thumped the Phoenix 72-48 at the Sports Arena earlier this month.

It appeared that they were on their way to another win – their first road win over a quality opponent this season – until Green Bay ended the drama with a 16-1 run.

Ron Hunter said the team didn’t come prepared mentally or physically or play, which isn’t the sign of an NCAA tournament hopeful.

When this team loses, you can guess why before you even look at the stat sheet:

An opposing player goes bananas hitting 3-pointers: Check. Carrington Love hit four of his six 3-point attempts. The Phoenix hit 46.7 percent of their 15 attempts on Saturday. This has been an odd issue for Ron Hunter and the various zone defenses he likes to employ for the past four years. At one point I had put together a spread sheet tracking how frequently an opponent had come out of nowhere to start bombing 3-pointers compared to their season averages, but my computer ate it. Loves’ success was unexpected: he was hitting 29.3 percent. As a team, Green Bay was hitting 30.5 percent of its 3-pointers.

No third scorer for the Panthers: The offense devolved into R.J. Hunter and Ryan Harrow taking most of the shots (37 of the 56) and not making many of them (just 14). Hunter began taking the loooong 3-pointers he started shooting toward the end of last year. He missed seven of his eight 3-pointers and is now hitting 31.3 percent of his 3-pointers. As a team, Georgia State missed 11 of its 13 3-pointers. No other Georgia State player took more than seven shots on Saturday and T.J. Shipes finished as the third-highest scorer with seven points.

Outrebounded: This was the outlier from Saturday’s game. Georgia State outrebounded Green Bay 32-31, but lost some of that small advantage by committing 14 turnovers. Typically, when Georgia State loses it is outrebounded, and when it wins it forces for more turnovers than it commits.

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