Georgia State’s Trent Miles due for contract review in December

Georgia State coach Trent Miles is due for a “good faith” contract review on or before Dec. 31.

A positive review could result in the contract being extended two more years through Dec. 2019. A negative review wouldn’t see the contract end in 2017 because the deal can be extended at any point after the review deadline.

A spokesman for the athletics department said director Charlie Cobb reviews the performance of each coach after their season, and plans to do so with Miles in December.

Why would an extension be considered important? There are several reasons, notably recruiting and stability.

Coaches that have less than five years on their contracts are thought to have a disadvantage in recruiting because they may not be around for the senior years of the players they are trying to sign.

Stability: It’s no secret that Miles and Georgia State are building a football program. While the Panthers’ win-loss record can be hard to look at, remember that Miles did inherit a roster that was nowhere close to being ready for FBS football in terms of numbers or quality.

Fixing that issue will take until at least the 2016 season, so extending the deal through 2019 would seem to support the building process.

What should be reviewed?

Elements in the contract include the following duties:

General: Performing reasonable duties.

Specific: Maintain direct responsibility for things related to the program, including budget, travel, practices, schedule, compliance, recruiting, training, supervision, etc.

Commitment: No conflicts with performing his job.

Rules Compliance: Pretty clear what that is.

Academic  Performance:  Agreeing to the university’s standards and maintaining an APR of at least 930.

Sportsmanship: Acting professionally.

Role Modeling: Pretty clear what that is.


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