Meet Georgia State’s Kevin Ware

Because so many of you liked the Emmy-eligible “Meet…” series I did with Georgia State’s football team, I’m doing it again for men’s basketball.

Who better to start than Kevin Ware, who transferred to Georgia State after playing at Louisville? I’ll post videos of all the players who are eligible to play for the first time with Georgia State this year.

In a few weeks I’ll post another in my Emmy-eligible “First Person” series with what Ware sees when playing defense.

Late this week, I’ll post a “First Person” showing what R.J. Hunter sees when shooting.

Georgia State will host an event on Thursday at the Sports Arena to introduce the men’s and women’s teams to the students and public. Doors open at 7 p.m. It’s free.

If anyone knows how to nominate any of these for an Emmy, please let me know at



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