Georgia State will try to improve football experience at Dome

To try to create a better atmosphere at the Georgia Dome for its football team, Georgia State is giving some fans a chance to change where they sit for the final three home games, starting Saturday with Arkansas State.

The goal is to try to consolidate the ticket-holders who are spread out along the north side of the Dome into a smaller section behind the Panthers bench. The team has an announced average home attendance of 12,367 through three games.

  • Those with tickets for sections 114 and 117 can move to open seats in sections 115-116.
  • Those with tickets for sections 113 and 118 can move to open seats in sections 114 and 117.
  • Those with sideline reserved tickets can move to sections 112 and 119.

Those who prefer where they have been sitting don’t have to move.

The band is moving to section 108 and students can move to fill in around the team’s tunnel.

“I think that’s one of the smartest things Charlie Cobb has come in and wanted to do,” coach Trent Miles said. “The more people you can get right behind you the more energy you can feel. When you are spread out in an oversized stadium you lose all feeling of energy. I think that’s a wonderful idea by our current administration.”


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