Georgia State RB Kyler Neal explains his straight-ahead style

Georgia State running back Kyler Neal. (Courtesy of Georgia State)

Georgia State running back Kyler Neal. (Courtesy of Georgia State)

To watch Georgia State running back Kyler Neal carry the ball is kind of like  watching a battleship cruise: there are a few slow curves most of the movement is done in determined straight lines.

Neal, a sophomore, says he has a few moves, he just seldom uses them.

Instead, he likes to run in a straight line.

It served him well in last week’s loss to Air Force. He started a 25-yard touchdown by running left. He was spun around by one attempted tackler and eventually got turned up the field where he ran dead ahead all the way to the end zone, dragging whomever tried to tackle him the final five yards.

Neal gave credit to the offensive line for opening the holes that allowed him to run for a career-high 80 yards last week. He also caught three passes for 91 yards.

He said he needs to work on his blocking, specifically his cut blocking, as he looks to secure more playing time in a crowded position group.

The touchdown wasn’t his only highlight running the ball.

Earlier in the game, a safety tried to square him up. Neal moved neither right nor left, instead running over the player before falling a few yards away. It’s something he did several times last year and numerous times during practices this year.

“I’m just a downhill runner,” he said. “It plays to my strength.”

His teammates call him “White Lightning.” It seems “Mr. No Cut” might be more appropriate.

Neal’s Tom Rathman-like style (look it up, kids) is the result of his old position, linebacker.

He said he brings that mentality to running back.

So, does he have any moves in movie games?

“it depends upon who I’m playing with.”

On the dance floor?

“That’s a big no.”

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