Georgia State reviews Air Force, previews Washington

Georgia State coach Trent Miles, offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski and defensive coordinator Jesse Minter offered these reviews after watching film of Saturday’s 48-38 loss to Air Force at the Georgia Dome.

The Panthers rushed for 135 yards and Nick Arbuckle tied a school record by passing for 414 yards, with two touchdowns. The effort was enough to earn the Sun Belt’s co-offensive player of the week award.

The defense gave up 539 yards, the third consecutive game it has surrendered at least 430 yards.

Georgia State will play at Washington at 6 p.m. Saturday, in exchange for $900,000.

The Huskies (3-0) have wins over Hawaii, Eastern Washington and Illinois.

They are averaging 40 points per game while giving up 29.

They are averaging 258 rushing yards and 187 passing yards per game.

Quarterback Cyler Miles has passed for 371 yards and rushed for 113.

Lavon Coleman (255 yards) and Dwayne Washington (131) are the leading rushers.

John Ross (224) and Jaydon Mickens (144) are the leading receivers.

Danny Shelton has six sacks, four more than Georgia State as a team.

Miles on Air Force:

“I saw some really good things offensively. There were a couple of lulls. Give Air Force credit, they had a top-20 defense going in.

“We did a good rob running the football and Nick was co-offensive Sun Belt Player of the Week.

“There were a few lulls you’d like to correct, but it’s hard to demand an offense score 52.

“We just have to cut out the little things.

“We had one turnover, which is one too many. That set up a score for them. Tipped balls…that’s hard to get picky about.

“I don’t remember a holding call.

“I think we have a chance to continue to be a top-five offense.

“Defensively, we have to get better and we know that. We can’t keep using….the young guys have to get older in a hurry. They have to quit making mistakes doing what they are asked to.

“There are times we will practice stuff all week and they will get into the game and their eyes get like this (pantomimes big eyes) and they don’t do what they were taught to do, or even practiced all week.”

Miles said after the game that he wanted to review some of the penalties. There were a few that directly impacted the game, such as a hands to the face penalty against nose tackle Jalen Lawrence and another against offensive tackle Michael Ivory:

“I disagree with some of the calls.”

Jagodzinski on Air Force:

“I saw that we had a bunch of opportunities that we could have moved the football. We put our defense in a bad position with the turnover. You can’t do that, especially against an option team. You have to match score for score because you lose possessions when you play a team like that.

“Our job is to score one more point than we give up. We didn’t do our job.”

On Washington:

“Really talented. Obviously, most talented team we’ve faced. It will be a challenge to go out there.

“It will be fun for our guys to see what it really looks like.”

On the offense’s confidence:

“We are scoring points. But we’ve left a lot out there. Another turnover. We have to eliminate all of that stuff and be better than what we are right now.”

Minter on Air Force:

“Lack of execution. A poorly coached defense. Looked like a poorly coached defense. That’s what I saw.

“We have to find out … we’ve had three different styles of games so far. We need to figure out what we do well and what gives us the chance to be successful.

“At the same time, I have to do what I’m comfortable doing and what gives us the best chance to win, and what our players can execute.”

On what he can do schematically to put the defense into position to succeed:

“At times, we’ve done everything well.

“There were times in the first game where pressure caused pressure and incomplete passes.

“Times dropping eight worked well in the second game, particularly in the first half.

“Other times rushing four or five has been effective.

“Key for us is to mix it up a good amount and not do the same thing over and over again and being multiple.”

On what Washington does well:

“Everything. Quarterback is a good athlete and can run. They have a couple of explosive receivers. They are running the ball about 250 right now through three games.

“Certainly, they want to be balanced. Played their first game without their quarterback. They struggled a little bit more than they would have liked scoring-wise.

“They’ve been scoring some points since he came back.

“Great challenge ahead of us.”


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